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Make your content to go viral - buy Reddit upvotes from a trusted and successful team of online marketers. We have more than 3+ years of experience in Reddit marketing and a high variety of successful cases. We help YouTube channels, OnlyFans models, blogs, ICOs, blockchain and IT companies, education companies, and CryptoMoonShots every day. offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problems at any time during the process of ordering or using our services, we will find a solution of your problem within 24 hours. You can trust us, we value every client!

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We deliver only high quality services. All accounts are aged and with karma. Account are active and real. Your account won't be banned. Your positions will be always higher than positions of your competitors.

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Reddit services

Reddit Upvotes / Downvotes

Buy reddit upvotes from aged Reddit accounts with karma. Fast delivery. Start in 10 minutes. Custom delivery speed.

Reddit Subscribers

Buy Reddit followers for your subreddit. Only high karma and aged accounts. Fast start, custom delivery speed. $5 for 100 subscribers.

Reddit Bot

The best and complete solution for individual Reddit marketers and teams! Run viral marketing campaigns across Reddit with our specialized Telegram bot service!

Reddit Posts

Don't have an aged Reddit account? We can make a post for you! Only high karma real aged accounts. Starting from $10 for one post.

Pricing Plan

Pricing Packages For Reddit Upvotes



100 Reddit upvotes

$0.05 / upvote

No speed limits

Fast delivery

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500 Reddit upvotes

$0.05 / upvote

No speed limits

Fast delivery

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2,000 Reddit upvotes

$0.05 / upvote

No speed limits

Fast delivery

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5,000 Reddit upvotes

$0.05 / upvote

No speed limits

Fast delivery

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Do you need more? Contact us for a special price plan!

By purchasing any package, you get access to our Telegram Bot (or REST API) for placing tasks. The bot allows you to choose the desired promotion speed, you can promote both posts and comments. It is also possible to buy downvotes, although we do not encourage this.

Crypto Upvotes

Buy CryptoMoonShots Upvotes

Get your post to the top /r/CryptoMoonShots/ positions and get guaranteed high quality traffic! Standard price is $0.05 for 1 upvote. Only $5 for 100 Reddit upvotes. The subreddit requires a high quality account for posting. If you don't have an account - we may offer a post for you. Please contact us for a personal offer.

Crypto Posts

CryptoMoonShots Reddit Posting & Promotion

Reddit is one of the best platforms for promoting crypto projects. The audience of this network is active people, mostly from the USA and English-speaking countries. Often these people are employees of the IT industry who are aware of modern trends in online technologies. Therefore, the promotion of crypto projects on Reddit is a profitable investment. We can offer you several options for promoting on Reddit, but the most profitable option would be posting to the largest subreddit called "CryptoMoonShots".

Posting to /r/CryptoMoonShots/ requires a high age and high karma account. If you don't have an account - we may offer a post for you. Please contact us for a personal offer. Posting prices in crypto niche starting from $10/post.


Frequently Asked Questions

We use only active and high quality aged accounts with regular activity. Most accounts have karma as well as comment karma. Upvotes from quality accounts are valued by Reddit and your post rises higher in the top and you get more traffic.

The number of votes depends on the competition in the subreddit you are promoting. Look at the number of upvotes posts have on the sub's home page to understand how many you may need. For example, if the top 3 posts have 100-200 votes each, then you need about the same number of upvotes. If you are not sure - no problem! Please contact us and we will tell you.

You get access to the bot where you can place tasks yourself. There you specify the number and speed of upvotes. Thus, you can adjust the intensity of promotion of your post or comment. You can also order upvotes one-time. To do this, contact us in any convenient way and we will determine the best time.

If you follow the subreddit rules - no. But for heavy spamming - sure. Of course, don't go to a popular subreddit and try to spam with your affiliate links like a crazy. Naturally, the moderators will ban you and this will be the end of your Reddit adventure. Promotion must be approached wisely and started carefully. Just use reasonable number of upvotes and be withing the sub limits and you will be fine!

Sure! You can order both upvotes for comments and posts. Our bot allows both types of upvotes. To promote comments, we recommend choosing an average speed and not going beyond what is reasonable. If you stick to the rules of the subreddit then your comment will be upvoted by the community and your account will get comment karma as well.

Up to 2000 upvotes for a post and up to 200 upvotes to a comment. Placing upvotes to comments is usually takes longer.

The minimum speed is - 30 minutes between upvotes. The maximum speed is - 700/hour. You have the opportunity to specify any speed that you need. You can also combine the speed, for example, the first 50% of the upvotes may be placed fast and the remaining 50% - slow. Stability, flexibility and convenience are the main advantages of our service.

The truth is that if you want to get traffic from Reddit, you need upvotes. This is how the Reddit algorithm works. No upvotes - no traffic. Whether to buy upvotes or not is your decision. We, in turn, provide you with a secure service that will help you get live and high-quality traffic from Reddit.

Yes, we have a lot of clients who promote their OnlyFans models accounts. We have no restrictions on the promotion of this kind of content. Reddit is one of the best traffic sources for this kind of business.

Yes, we have a lot of clients who promote crypto projects. We have no restrictions on the promotion of this kind of content. The quality of our upvotes is guaranteed to give you the first positions in CryptoMoonshots.

First you need to choose the right subreddit for posting and carefully take a look its rules so that your topic is not deleted by moderators due to violations. Remember, your post should be as native as possible - spam or explicit advertising on Reddit will not work (except for thematic subreddits). You can also contact us and we will show you how to do everything right. You can find answers on most popular questions on Reddit FAQ page.

As a rule of thumb - no, you can do everything from your account. But posting in large subreddits requires an account with high karma (often with comment karma) and an age over 7 days (for some subreddits, age requirements can be even from 6 months). If your account doesn't qualify - contact us and we will create a post for you!

The most important advantage is our experience in working with Reddit social network. We are definitely aware of all the pitfalls and nuances of this site. We know the technologies and algorithms of this social network, we understand how to promote posts, how to earn karma, how to promote a post to the top. We know how to avoid a ban and how to get the maximum result.

The second advantage is the stability of the service. Yes, you can find services cheaper, but they cannot boast the same stable performance as our service. Stability is achieved by work experience and knowledge of the subtleties.

The third advantage is flexibility. You get the result at any time of the day at your convenience. You set the speed of promotion and the number of votes by yourself. You do not need to wait for a manager to start working, everything is automated for maximum customer convenience. You can add several tasks at the same time and the speed of your tasks will not suffer. In a word, everything is done flexibly, simply and as conveniently as possible for the client.

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